Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The New York Times Goes Shopping for Design Books

The Pacific Design Center in LA, home of Potterton Books

Every designer has different sources of inspiration, be it a color they saw at a runway show or the set design of a classic movie. In the case of Kelly Wearstler, a Los Angeles based designer, inspiration comes in the form of old, out-of-print design and architecture books she finds in specialty stores like Potterton Books (New York location is at 3rd Ave between 58th and 59th).

Potterton Books specializes in architectural books and in this New York Times article by Kimberly Stevens, Kelly Wearstler is shopping at the location in the Pacific Design Center in LA.

As a designer of resorts and residences, as well as accessories and home furnishings, Ms. Wearstler is also a healthy consumer of vintage books and discusses the concept of design book collecting being similar to buying works of art.

She found the illustrations and architectural renderings in “The Bathroom: A New Interior,” published in 1931, so inspirational that she designed a bathroom in her own home based on one of the drawings. And in “The Hermès Shop Windows,” she couldn’t get enough of the unusual finishes and hand-crafted objects. “I have these moments when I’m flipping through a book and a page is so visually compelling — an idea just strikes me,” she said.

To get an idea of some of the books she's into right now, check out the article: Click Here

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