Sunday, May 11, 2008


An Idea for Your Inner Color Freak

Yes, they actually put this show on DVD

From the Great White North (yes, Canada) comes an idea for everyone's inner color freak, that pent up personality inside of us that occasionally wants to strip the neutral tones off every wall and go all-Punky Brewster on our interiors...

Writing for the Globe and Mail, Colour and Design Consultant Janice Lindsay has a great article on using areas like stairwells, garages, and the inside of closets to go color-crazy. There are some cool ideas mentioned by different designers, like painting the ceiling of a walk-in closet red, for a touch of boldness.

The story of the Swiss Embassy in London keeping an underground parking garage as a secret graffiti gallery is worth the click over...

Read the rest here: Bright Color Ideas

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