Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The Childproofing Challenge – Making the Kitchen Safe for Your Child

No sooner does your child start to move and crawl that you start worrying about the many dangers that await him at every corner. The fact is that you should worry about these aspects much before your child actually starts to crawl. In fact childproofing is something that you need to think about before the child comes home. This is mainly because of the fact that once the baby comes home, you are not likely to have the time to do anything but to mind the baby and catch up on the sleep that seems so difficult.

Those who are childproofing for the first time find it extremely difficult to do so because they have no idea of the kind of trouble that a child can get into. Start with the nursery and move outwards, attacking the kitchen in the end because that is one area that will need your complete attention.

Childproofing the Cooking Area
The cooking area is the main place where there is a lot of danger that lurks around. There are hot surfaces that can be touched, pans with hot liquid that can be toppled over, cabinets with sharp knives and forks that can be accessed, open drawers that can be shut on little fingers and appliances that can be switched on by mistake. For starters make sure that all drawers and low cabinets have childproofing latches so that they cannot be opened.

You may want to leave a cabinet that contains harmless plastic stuff open for the child to explore as you cook in the kitchen but make sure that it does not shut easily to avoid accidents. It is good childproofing practice to use the back burners to avoid the warm surfaces being touched. Pans and pots in the burners should be turned towards the back so that they cannot be pulled. Getting hold of burner knob covers is a good idea because then your stove cannot be switched on by mistake. Appliances should never be left with the plug in the switch. A small movement of the hand can get them started and cause problems later.

Childproofing the Cleaning Area
The cleaning area or the sink also needs to be taken care of. Make sure that the sink is kept clean and that the dishwashing liquid, floor cleaners are not stored under the sink. These should be transferred to another over the head shelf. The garbage can should also be secured. Either you should get a lock for the trash can itself or you should get a cabinet latch for the below the sink cabinet itself. Ensure that the chemicals that you use for cleaning are also not stored in this area.
Other than these areas, the refrigerator should also be secured since it tends to has containers with food that can spill over when the refrigerator is opened without taking adequate care. If you do not have one that can be locked, you can get childproofing latches for the same.

Finding childproofing products that fit and work in your home can be difficult. There are almost too many choices that many busy parents just keep putting it off. The professionals at www.childproofingtips.com know how important it is that you have the accurate resources and information you need and have provided it all in one place. Now parents just like you can child proof their homes like a pro!

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