Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Interior Designers Inspired by Craigslist?

This story perfectly encapsulates the struggle going on between the design-conscious homeowner's unceasing desire for pleasant surroundings and the sorry state of his or her finances in 2009.

Not content with wallowing in self pity and hopelessness, designers are increasingly turning to internet resources where bargains are to be found for aesthetic elements and furnishings, according to the Baltimore Sun:

Interior designers nationwide are increasingly turning to unique, low-cost and unexpected sources -- including Craigslist, estate sales and Target Corp. -- to create high design on a dime and generate business as recession-weary homeowners scale back their decor ambitions. The result: less expensive and eco-friendly rooms that reflect their owners' personalities rather than cloning catalog or magazine pictures.

Call it creative survival.

Don't give up people. Where there's a will for fresh interior design, there's a way!

Full Article:

Craigslist and eBay Become Interior Design Muses (BaltimoreSun)

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