Thursday, August 13, 2009


Design Links for New Yorkers

First up, get a load of the Chelsea, NYC office space of design team William Cummings and Bernt Heiberg in the most recent issue of New York Spaces. The pair decorate with clean lines and a flair for history. For more great pics of home and office, click here: (NY Spaces)

Here's the minimalist New York loft apartment of Melissa O'Rorke, seen on Remodelista. Speaking of Remodelista, their beta site is currently in preview, click here for the loft pics: (Remodelista)

How do you make an apartment feel less "dark and heavy"? The question comes in from Apartment Therapy, but is something that all New Yorkers can relate to as well (or most). For some answers, click here: (Apartment Therapy)

For NY Designers who can help you, visit New York's #1 Remodeling Directory,

NY Interior Designers

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