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A Quick Primer on New York Babyproofing

There's a lot of information out there to digest when embarking on a baby proofing project in New York. For that reason, today we bring you a quick primer on the subject. Enjoy these baby proofing and child proofing tips and please let us know if there are aspects of this subject that we have not covered.

New York Baby-Proofing Companies

Baby Proofing Your Home

Parents have the obligation to make the environment as safe and happy for baby as possible. Baby proofing is not a simple thing but you must do it before the baby can roll over or crawl. You can hire professional baby proofing people but it is also possible to do it yourself with a little ingenuity and by looking at the safety section of baby care stores. The internet is also another place to look for baby proofing items. Start by getting down ground level and seeing what the baby sees.

Around the House Safety

All rooms in a house should be safe enough for baby to play in. If you can’t child proof a room, enclose it with a child safety gate so baby can’t get in. Use doorknob covers to keep a room that has a door out of reach of baby’s hands. Remove all of the rubber stoppers off of the doorstops because they can be taken off and choked on. Place padding around tables and other sharp furniture so baby doesn’t hit its head on the corners of them. Purchase a playpen to put baby in when you can’t watch him at all times. Secure exterior doors by putting a doorknob cover on the inside of the door.


Child safety gates belong at the top and bottom of all stairs in your house. Use hardware-mounted chairs because pressure safety gates are insufficient to protect baby. The slats should be no further apart than about three inches so baby cannot get his head stuck in them.


Babies can easily put wet fingers and metallic objects in the holes of outlets so keep them covered with switch plates with sliders on them or use large plastic plugs to block the outlet holes. Tape down all electrical cords that might strangle baby.

Nursery Safety

Keep the crib far from cords on blinds, lamps or curtains. Keep the crib free of blankets, pillows or stuffed animals that can carry a suffocation risk. Keep all heavy and/or tall furniture bolted to the wall so that it cannot be pulled down on baby. Keep baby lotions, medications or ointments out of the reach of baby.

Window Safety

Toddlers, especially, can open up windows so you should put in protective devices that keep windows from opening more than four inches in height. Screens do not protect toddlers from falling out so you cannot count on them. Get rid of any blind cords or curtain cords that can easily strangle a child.

Kitchen Safety

Babies often play when you’re cooking. You need to put latches on all drawers and cabinet covers so that the baby cannot get into these items. Keep cleaning products, toxic chemicals and pesticides up and out of the way. Use a refrigerator safety latch so baby cannot get into the refrigerator and use stove knob covers so baby cannot turn on the stove or oven.


Use a special toilet lock so that baby cannot drown in the toilet water. In the tub, use non-slip runners so nobody slips in the bathtub when it is wet.

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Baby proofing the house gives you peace of mind and makes it more enjoyable for both baby and parents.
Baby proofing the house gives comfort for both baby and parents
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