Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Organizing Clutter in New York

Closet by member Creative Space Management of NJ

Tina Traster's excellent Burb Appeal column in the New York Post continues this week with the transplanted New Yorker giving us an idea of how she keeps her family's new home in Rockland County, a restored 1800's farmhouse, clutter-free and organized.

I designed the bathrooms with pedestal sinks rather than vanities (everyone knows vanities are the black hole for hotel soaps and cosmetic samples). The Mission-style furniture I chose evokes spare, clean lines. For the windows, I opted for simple blinds rather than curtains. The crawl-space basement, which is mildew paradise, is not even an option for storage.

Everything has its place. The remote controls live in drawers. My house keys dwell in a ceramic bowl. My husband has a small rattan box for his bits and pieces.

When someone in my family asks, "Where are my hiking shoes?" the refrain is the same: "They are where they always are." Meaning, at the bottom of the closet in the laundry room where they are supposed to be.

Getting organized in New York, Rockland County, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Brooklyn or Queens doesn't have to be a guessing game. Just bring in a NY Closet Company and within days of the job's completion, you'll feel relieved of the need to figure out where to put your stuff.

For a list of some of the top-rated NY area closet designers, visit NY Closet Designer

Read the rest of the column here: Burb Appeal: Clutter Be Gone (NYP)

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