Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Design Finds Under 100 Bucks at AD

The Cabin House birdhouse by Louisville Stoneware ($85)

In times like these, adding to or changing the decor of your apartment can seem like a trifling task for many, as the national unemployment rate creeps above 10%.

Top-Rated NY Decorator Companies

But for design freaks, this is exactly the moment when you should be thinking about making some adjustments to your surroundings to shake off the dust of yesterday and move forward. New design and decor items do not necessarily have to cost a fortune but can go a long way toward making your home feel livened up and different, yet somehow the same.

Architectural Digest did the heavy lifting for us and found a bunch of cool design items that cost under 100 bucks, collected in a slide show gallery over at their website.

Here's the gallery: AD Design Finds Under $100


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