Wednesday, June 24, 2009


NYC Apartment Architecture for Him and Her

Image from Fred Conrad/ NYT

We love this quote from an article in today's New York Times Home & Garden section:

“Architecture is a negotiation between a husband and wife,” said Makram el Kadi, who designed the loft.

The story is about a couple, the Greene's, who both have very different aesthetics (She's Zen, he's Victorian) but were able to design the perfect living situation by being creative with rolling walls, cabinetry and closets. Despite the fact that Jeffrey Greene has a collection of about 200 musical instruments, they were able to work with a New York designers to create a perfect living space that accommodates both of their tastes and sensibilities in the SoHo loft they live in.

One design decision reflects a compromise of sorts: the music room can be enlarged or compressed as needed. The rear wall of the room is hung on a track system and can roll farther back in the bedroom to open up the loft for a party of 100, or, if Mr. Greene wants, an area for performances.

The full article is worth checking out, especially if you and a spouse or roomate are sharing a space in New York but not necessarily the same taste in decor.

Also, don't miss the attached slide show, with 12 great photos of the space by Fred Conrad.

Closeting the Arguments (NYT)

Greene's Loft Slide Show


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