Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Long Island Fencing and Gardening Help

Living in the 'burbs certainly has its perks, one of which is gardening and growing your own veggies. Right around this time of year is when you want to start getting your seeds in the ground. There are few important things you'll need besides the seeds, one is good soil, another is water, but the third is something many people don't think about until its too late; you need a good fence.

Wildlife is everywhere on Long Island and if your garden is left unguarded, your plants will be consumed.

In today's New York Times, there is a great article on protecting your New York garden with fences that we thought we'd pass on to the horticulturally-inclined.

It’s a helpful corollary to the paramount 21st-century horticultural imperative: I garden, therefore I fence.

The story is filled with anecdotes from your friends and neighbors which highlight the necessities when building and protecting a garden.

Learning wildlife habits has since sharpened our defensive tactics. We now know that rodent types can push their flat skulls into improbably slim spots, so any new fencing is of finer-gauge chicken or rat wire, or dense plastic netting. White-tailed deer have landing and enclosure anxiety: they won’t leap even a three- or four-foot fence if there is an obstacle or another row of fencing a few feet before or beyond it. Thus some people dare to surround their veggie patches with handsome picket or willow fences, and then string two or three strands of low trip wire fences outside them.

If you're going to grow this year, get smart about fencing options and check this story out.

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Read The Art of Fencing (NYT)

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