Monday, April 13, 2009


Are New York Handymen Recession Winners?

A member was profiled on The Business Insider the other day and the gist of the article was that Handyman Services are in more demand during these tough economic times, not less.

From TBI:
This afternoon we placed a call to Richard Shogun, the founder of Spotless Services, a Manhattan-area cleaning and handyman service to gauge the temperature of that business.

Not surprisingly, says Shogun, cleaning services are down. People have more time on their hands or they're saving money. But handyman services are "more than offsetting" that loss. He's even had to hire 2 or 3 extra handymen to make up for the endless volume of leads he's been able to generate through internet, lead-gen advertising. The handyman, he says, are "busy almost every day."

We were very pleased to hear this upbeat assessment from a New York handyman company. Spotless Services has been listed on, New York's #1 Remodeling Directory, for over a year and currently offers all types of services to the Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens areas.

For Spotless Services' full profile, click here: NYC Handyman

For the complete list of handyman companies in the area, click here: New York Handyman

Full Article: Recession Winner: The Handyman

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