Monday, March 2, 2009


CNN's Campbell Brown Versus the Mold in New York

Campbell Brown: Mold Warrior

Hope everyone got out from under the 63 million inches of snow we woke up to this morning...

There was an interesting article in the Daily News he other day that really illustrates how dangerous mold in the home can be to your family's health and it happened to involve a celebrity, which helped it get serious attention.

Campbell Brown, an anchorwoman on CNN and 11 year veteran of NBC News, went for weeks without a rational explanation for her newborn baby's illness:

Last September, her son, Eli James (now 14 months old), developed a cold that wouldn't end.

"It was crazy to me," Brown said. "The doctors couldn't figure it out. I would get home at 9:30 or 10, and he would wake himself up with these horrible coughing attacks."

But Brown noticed two days into a trip to Florida, the symptoms stopped.

Later, she spotted something on the wall of their apartment that looked odd. After some research, she was convinced it was mold - and her son was showing the symptoms of exposure.

Mold specialists confirmed her findings and had them leave. Once they were out, her son immediately got better.

"It was the not knowing - and as a mother, to know something's wrong with your child, you instinctively feel, this wasn't right," she said. "Finding out, there was a great sense of relief."

Campbell was told to "get your baby and get out," and she realizes how fortunate she is that she has the wherewithal to do that financially. She's been at a hotel since January with some of her belongings and husband Dan Senor.

Listen up New Yorkers, we have a fantastic community of abatement and environmental specialists here in our area, use them!

Click here for a list of environmental and mold companies in New York

Full Story: Campbell Brown in the Daily News

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