Monday, March 23, 2009


Cheap Remodeling Projects from Better Homes & Gardens

BHG says to make space multi-functional, like this example of design and storage

Everyone in New York is cost-conscious and trying to be smarter about their money these days. This extends to pretty much every aspect of life and home improvement spending is no different.

That said, Better Homes & Gardens has put together a slide show featuring low-cost architectural touches that can make a big difference for your home even if you're on a tight budget. These updates add value as well, which is helpful if you plan to sell your home or you can see this possibility coming.

Among the 10 ideas in the article, you'll see ceramic tile updates, a wainscoting shortcut, carpeting for the master suite in lieu of hardwood floors and an idea for varied lighting fixtures.

On, you can find NY Interior Designers and General Contractors to help you achieve these looks and put these ideas to work in your house or apartment.

Read the full article here: BHG on Low-Cost Remodeling Projects

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