Monday, March 9, 2009


ABC Home is Serious About Changing How We Shop

Paulette Cole
, the founder of ABC Home is serious about her company's green sourcing initiative, unlike many of the retailers and home furnishing companies who have only claimed to be eco-sensitive.

Every time we buy something for our homes, we have a chance to invest positively in the planet,” observes Paulette Cole. “That gives retailers an enormous opportunity—and responsibility—to influence the earth and its people for the better.”

The above is a quote from the most recent issue of NY Spaces magazine. According to the article:

Wood is reclaimed or harvested from responsibly managed forests; organic fibers and feathers are used in chemical-free upholstery; and a well-curated collection of vintage and artisan-made accessories fosters a connection to cultures around the globe.

Now that the national focus is on whether or not consumers will even show up at the store, its nice to see that someone is still taking their green initiative seriously and is not letting the economy stateside be an excuse to cut corners in merchandising.

Read the full story here: ABC Home in NY Spaces

Here's a list of New York Interior Designers

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