Thursday, January 15, 2009


Plumbing and Heating Companies in New York

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Cold enough for ya, New York? I know, I hate when people ask that question, too.

According to Mayor Bloomberg's office, the 311 lines have seen almost a 40% jump in New York City residents complaining about the heat in their buildings. City inspectors are making the rounds to make sure that landlord and building owners maintain an indoor temperature of at least 68 degrees whenever the outside temperature is 55 degrees or below.

Well, today it's under 10 degrees, so we figured we'd give you some New York plumbing and heating companies to call if you're not getting the warmth you need during this arctic blast.

First up is Archer Plumbing and Heating, serving Westchester and the Bronx since 2003.
Visit their cityhammer Profile Page: Westchester and Bronx Plumber

Next, we've got Staten Island's Duo Plumbing & Heating Corp, who've been serving the Staten Island area since 1938.
Visit their cityhammer Profile Page: Staten Island Plumber

Lastly, here is BMG Plumbing, a family-owned and operated business that's been serving the Nassau and Suffolk county community for almost 30 years.
Visit their cityhammer Profile Page: Long Island Plumber

Visit for a complete list of Plumbing and Heating Companies in New York

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