Thursday, January 8, 2009


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The Real World Brooklyn Cast...Which One Will Cry First?

Anyone looking to do a little maintenance on their kitchen cabinets should go check out the newest video on Danny Lipford's site called Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade. You may know Lipford from his television appearances as a home improvement maven, but his website is equally interesting and informative. Here, he shows you how to repaint the cabinets and change the knobs, hinges or doors. For professional help with kitchen cabinets in New York, click Kitchen Remodelers in NY or Cabinetry in NY.

Are we really ready for a third installment of The Real World here in New York? Like it or not, last night was the premiere on MTV. Brownstoner's gave their Brooklynites a head's up, and right on cue, the snarking was hot and heavy on the comment board. If you live in Brooklyn, we're betting you'll be watching, if only to see some of your favorite BK landmarks serve as background for the travails of some of the most vain and insipid people ever put on television. Boy, are the Williamsburg hipsters gonna hate this!

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