Monday, December 29, 2008


Resale Value Resolutions Revisited

New Years Eve in New York City's Times Square, Photo by Amelungc

Last December, the world was a different place, and many people were concerned with doing the right home renovations that would pay off in resale value. Fast forward 12 months and now the bigger concern in December of 2008 is being able to afford the home, period!

Looking at the specific resale value resolutions from last year, we'd say that only 3 are still important for this environment...

Resale Resolutions for 2009

Re-grouting a tile floor or spending a few hundred bucks to clean up a wood floor are jobs that are both practical in times like these, yet they also can may a big difference in both your own eyes and those of a prospective buyer.

Getting these little things done should be the priority if your home is on the market in New York or you plan to put it up in 2009. Find a cityhammer member to help with the job here:
New York Remodeling Companies

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