Wednesday, December 10, 2008


NY Home Improvement Blog Patrol

Church of the Holy Innocents, Tenderloin NYC Photo by Steve Kelley

So those flashy (pretentious?)showrooms for the newly built or still under-development condos in Manhattan and Brooklyn are not immune to the real estate/ credit crunch. Josh Barbanel of the New York Times has an article detailing the freezing of ad campaigns and the pulling of sales agents on projects that are at least a year away from completion. What will we miss more about visiting the sales showroom, the ability to scan the sign-in book for friends names or just the overall feel of a touch of Vegas right here in Manhattan?
Sales Showrooms Boarded Up

Who doesn't love a good set of way-to-specific moving tips? OK, well we do, so here's a guy who wrote up a set of suggestions if you're moving with a dog over on There's definitely some helpful stuff in there if you have a move in your future and want to keep the pooch safe and happy during the packing and shlepping phase. For a list of New York movers, visit, New York's #1 Remodeling Directory.
Moving Tips for Dog Owners

We like when we see the word color spelled "colour", it lends an instant air of sophistication instantly, because after all, there's someone English involved in whatever I'm about to read. On the Colour Lovers Blog they are professing their love of the color Brown with a photo spread of interior decorating objects in that hue.
Brown is Back

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