Monday, December 22, 2008


Closet Too Stuffed to Hide Presents? Consider Professional Closet Organizing in NYC

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This is a great time of year for going through your stuff and making some tough decisions, such as whether or not you're ever going to really wear that third winter coat you've been hanging onto since 2004. By mid-December, if you haven't rocked it yet, it'll probably hang in the closet forever.

There are lots of things we can do to get a the fresh start on 2009 that we all crave, and getting our @#$% together space-wise can play a big part in that.

Closet organizing tips are great, but if you're going to do something this important, especially in a New York apartment where every inch counts, why not do it right?

Below are links for some of the top rated closet organization companies in the New York area. Give yourself the gifts of order and cleanliness for next year and beyond!

Manhattan Closet Organizers

Brooklyn Closet Organizers

Queens Closet Organizers

Westchester Closet Organizers

Nassau Closet Organizers

Suffolk Closet Organizers

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There are a couple of guys that call themselves TRANSFORM. If there work is as good as their brochure they are worth checking into.
Steve Nickse
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