Friday, December 26, 2008


Best of the cityhammer blog: July, August & September

Editor's Note: As our readership has steadily increased over this, our first year writing the cityhammer blog, we thought we'd spotlight the posts from 2008 that we are most proud of and that we feel were the most interesting. Today, we cover July, August and September of 2008. Tune next Wednesday, December 31st for the rest of the "Best Of" series.


In July, we offered a glance at HGTV's new site, and talked about some bathroom wood flooring ideas. We also introduced a new Featured Member on, California Closets of NYC and Westchester. We also posted some thoughts on how to sell a house in New York when it must be sold right now.


The weather was red hot in August and so was the cityhammer blog as we posted a massive guide to kitchen cabinets for New Yorkers. There was a very informative post on the best temporary wall companies in New York, a Nicky Haslem profile, and a debate about the difference between using a storefront flooring contractor versus an independent. We even had time to throw in some dorm room decorating tips for the schoolbound.


We were one of the first blogs in New York to break the Target Bodega Project and we talked about handymen in two posts, the first being a list of the best handyman companies in New York, the second being a list of tips for hiring a handyman. We showed off Design Expressions new Virtual Showroom online and did a special report on Attorney General Cuomo's major web initiative for recording complaints against New York General Contractors.
We also discussed some of the hottest trends in kitchen remodeling for 2009.

Tune in next Wednesday for part four of The Best of the cityhammer blog 2008 when we take a look back at the tips, trends and news from the October through December period.
-Mitch Mayer, Staff Writer

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