Friday, December 19, 2008


Best of the cityhammer blog 2008: April, May & June

Editor's Note: As our readership has steadily increased over this, our first year writing the cityhammer blog, we thought we'd spotlight the posts from 2008 that we are most proud of and that we feel were the most interesting. Today, we cover April, May and June of 2008. Tune in each Friday this month for the rest of the "Best Of" series.

And thanks for reading the cityhammer blog this year, we appreciate our visitors and hope to add even more fresh and original content in '09.


We got some remodeling ideas that pay off from New York Superbroker Noah Rosenblatt, who runs the excellent site We also put up a set of New York baby-proofing tips for the den and living room, then followed up with child and baby safety ideas for every room of the house.


We talked about the furniture fire sale, and discussed how the industrial activity in China affects then prices we pay for furniture here in New York. We also dropped some Air Conditioning tips for New York and introduced New York to cityhammer member and closet organizer to the stars Clos-ette, who launched a blog and put out a book.


June was a busy month on New York's #1 Remodeling Directory, as we launched a new category for New York Home Stagers. We also helped break a huge story detailing the house cleaning being done by the New York Department of Consumer Affairs in the general contractor industry. Other posts that month included some New York moving tips, a story on what the bankruptcy wave would mean for the New York remodeling business, and an in-depth discussion on the difference between interior designers and decorators, which was one of our most widely-read stories ever.

Tune in next Friday for part three of The Best of the cityhammer blog 2008 when we take a look back at the tips, trends and news from the July throughSeptember period.

-Mitch Mayer, Staff Writer

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