Monday, November 10, 2008


Tips for Remodeling a Bathroom in New York

You can probably leave the Korean novelty sign out of your remodel plans

Your house or apartment has two types of bathrooms, the ones that are just for you and your own relaxation, like a master bath, and the ones for guests and visitors, like powder rooms. In either case, renovating one of these bathrooms is not only a great way to get more enjoyment and serenity out of your time at home, it can also make a big difference in the value of your real estate if and when you choose to sell.

With that in mind, Staff Writer Mitch Mayer has written a great article with 8 ideas that can serve as your New York bathroom Renovation Checklist and its currently featured over on, New York's #1 Remodeling Directory. There are ideas that involve some construction for those who own their house or apartment, and there there are some simpler ideas for renters to make improvements.

Read the article here: Better Bathrooms in New York

Below are some helpful links for finding a professional bathroom remodeling pro in your area:

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Brooklyn Bathroom Renovation

Nassau County Bathroom Renovation

Suffolk County Bathroom Renovation

Westchester County Bathroom Renovation

New Jersey Bathroom Renovation

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