Wednesday, November 19, 2008


NY Home Improvement Blog Patrol

Washington Square Park Photo by J Bary

Having a traditional wall-mounted faucet may require you to hire a New York area plumber for the pipe work that's necessary behind the wall itself, but when you see this gallery on Remodelista, you may decide that its worth it. In the latest installment of their excellent 10 Easy Pieces series, you get to see a great variety of the wall-mounted faucet options out there for your kitchen or bath. We're partial to the American Standard version with the built-in soap dish...very cool.
Wall-Mounted Faucets at Remodelista

Big trouble in Little China last week as a building on the Bowery was evacuated by the Buildings Department last week. How bad would the conditions have to be for New York City officials to have to declare it unfit to live? Check out the New York Times' City Room blog for the sad details.
What's Going Down in Chinatown?

Is America facing a looming throw pillow crisis? According to Con Chapman of the Gerbil News Network, its very possible. He asks such existential questions as "why can't mom stop loading up every bed and couch with decorative pillows?" Feel like a good laugh, check it out for yourself.
Throw Pillow Crisis

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