Wednesday, October 29, 2008


NY Home Improvement Blog Patrol

Fall in Central Park Photo by Nate Steiner

One of the toughest styles to pull off in home decor is the eclectic look. Sometimes its more about what you don't throw into the mix as opposed to trying to cover several design genres at once by cluttering a room with modern, antique, pop art and country items. When its done correctly (think Frasier Crane's apartment minus Dad's duct-taped Lazy Boy), the results can be exciting. Rochester, New York's Democrat & Chronicle has a great example and explanation of how a local NY interior designer named Blynn Nelson pulled it off in her own 1898 colonial house.
Blynn Nelson Goes Eclectic

One of our favorite design blogs, An Aesthete's Lament, sheds light on some of the uglier historical movements in home design, including a misguided attempt by designers to use slavery-era plantations as architectural inspiration and some truly ugly adjectives which have been used to describe color shades of fabrics and furniture.
Racism in Interior Design

If your living room isn't large enough for a full-blown wall unit, or you are setting up your entertainment and music stuff in a basement, bedroom or den, you can mount the TV on the wall or go with a media stand. But alas, not all media stands are created equal. Before you bring in the NY home theater pro (who will usually recommend wall-mounting a flat screen), consider some of these media stands shown at Apartment Therapy.
Media Stands on AT

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