Wednesday, October 22, 2008


NY Home Improvement Blog Patrol

Texting on Grand Street Photo by Moriza

Having termite issues? Some poor soul over on the Brownstoner Forum is trying to get to the bottom of a termite and/ or structural issue and doesn't know if his exterminator has done more harm that good. Brooklynites who know better find experienced Brooklyn Exterminators on
Forum: Termites

Remodelista has a new Steal This Look post up, this time, you get the components of a Rustic Kitchen, including Ikea's Norden Dining Table and a decorative vintage apple crate for storage. If a rustic kitchen is your style, take a look...and for a list of kitchen designers in New York to help you achieve this look, click here: NY Kitchen Design.
Steal This Look: Rustic Kitchen

As surely as night follows day, in times of economic stress, people want comfort and tend to cling to things that remind them of the good old days. We recently highlighted a design trend called homemade that captures this zeitgeist here, and now from Charles & Hudson comes a post about how new homeowners are deliberately seeking out houses that have period architectural details as opposed to the typical McMansions that have been thrown up nationwide over the last 10 years. The Normal Rockwell feel can definitely offer a respite from our technology-saturated lives, so we get it...makes sense.
Period Homes in Favor

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