Monday, October 6, 2008


Massive Tiffany Lamp and Decor Exhibit on Long Island

Grape Library Lamp from Tiffany Studios New York

Over the weekend, Ben Genocchio of the New York Times gave us some background on Louis Comfort Tiffany, scion of the famous Tiffany jewelry family who eschewed the family business in favor of being an artist. The article will be very helpful if you plan to visit the Nassau County Museum of Art to check out “Tiffany Lamps: Articles of Utility, Objects of Art”, a new exhibit that will run through January 4th 2009.

The museum has 45 Tiffany lamps on display courtesy of the Neustadt Collection, as well as lamp-making and glass manufacturing displays. There are also some examples of late 1800's Gilded Age art and furniture which clearly draw the connection between Tiffany and the aesthetic of his time.

The article mentions some interesting trivia, such as the fact that Tiffany and a group of friends started an interior design business in New York in 1881 that took on commissions from such high profile projects as Mark Twain's house in Hartford, Connecticut and the Chester A. Arthur White House in D.C.

The Nassau County Musuem of Art is located at 1 Museum Drive in Roslyn Harbor (use Northern BLVD) and they've got a website for more info at

For a List of Interior Decorators in Nassau County, Click Here: Nassau Decorators

Read the Full Article on NYT:
Times on Tiffany

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