Friday, October 3, 2008


Hot Interior Design Trend for 2009: Homemade

Etsy Can Help You Decorate "Homemade" for 2009

We'll see if this one makes it to the luxury buildings of Manhattan, but one of our big predictions for interior design in 2009 is the emergence of the "Homemade" look.

Achieving the Homemade look will hinge on your color choices (think natural, earthy colors without any bright shades) and your texture proclivities; homemade items are neither minimalist nor are they slick, they are cluttered and mottled and shopworn and are thus all the better for these very flaws and imperfections. One great place where anyone can go to find a vast selection of homemade decor stuff would be, a site you can get lost for hours on.

We think the homemade trend may stem from the need for comfort in times of duress and hardship like these, which we can collectively thank California and Florida real estate speculators and reckless mortgage underwriting for. The layoff totals are piling up to astounding numbers, the high energy prices made our utility bills come in extra-thick envelopes all summer, and the tone on the evening news or the cover of our local newspapers is getting more election-ugly and recession-despairing each day.

After the 9/11 attacks, we saw a similar trend in this country, called nesting, which led to booming sales for home decor stores even as consumers pulled back from other spending. The explanation was that if people are going to travel, or even venture outside less, then they would at least "feather their nests" for the time being.

The same way a knitted sweater or a home-cooked meal can comfort you when you come in from the storm, so too can the homemade decor trend when you get back from a day of work in an economy like this one. Tune in next week to the cityhammer blog for more details on this design trend as well as others we expect to see in 2009.

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