Monday, October 27, 2008


Homemade Trend 2009: Recycled Shrimp Boat Sculptures from South Carolina

Gump's Shrimp Boat: "Trendy is as trendy does"

One of our big predictions for interior design and interior decoration trends for 2009 is called Homemade, and one of the key components to the look is having the right art and objects that call out "authentic" and "handcrafted". New York interior decorators are no strangers to using architectural salvage, with many stores selling columns, stained glass windows, and objects that were once a part of a grander building or home. Even factory fixtures have found new lives in private homes once they've been restored and polished.

Now from the coast of South Carolina comes an artist producing sculptures from salvaged shrimp boats and the Beaufort Gazzette has published the whole story. The artist's name is Ray Lynwood Polin and he has used the wood and materials from several famous shrimp trawlers, including boats from the films Forrest Gump and The Prince of Tides, to create nautical sculpture that would fit right in to the Homemade design style we've been discussing.

All of his projects are made of recycled materials -- from driftwood to cypress, cedar and juniper pieces of old shrimp boats, from tomato stakes from Dempsey Farms and string used to tie shrimp nets to tin from old Sea Island structures.

Polin is getting the authentic feel by making use of his knowledge of shrimp boats from his childhood and is inspired by the trawlers themselves and the nautical way of life he grew up with.

To read the rest of the story, click here: SC Artist Recycled Art

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