Friday, September 5, 2008


Target's Cool New York City Bodega Project

Bullseye, The Target Mascot Dog

We're way over that sarcastic thing people do when they pronounce Target with a French accent (Tar-Szay - rhymes with "day") and have come to respect the discount chain's emphasis on savvy design and fashion-forward merchandising. If you're down with Target too, don't miss the limited-time only Bullseye Bodega event taking place in a Manhattan neighborhood near you from September 12th through September 15th.

It seems Target will be opening 4 bodega-type stores to showcase 22 of it's design partners and give consumers a glimpse of some of the newer lines that haven't yet launched to generate buzz.

Designers for the home whose products will be available include:

Thomas O'Brien --
esteemed interior designer known for melding modern and vintage products

Isabelle de Borchgrave --
Belgian-born paper artist and painter

Michael Graves --
famed architect and first Target designer partner

Christiane Lemieux (DwellStudio for Target) --
textile designer who has fused modern design with luxurious details
to create collections in nursery, bedding, kitchen and tabletop

Rachel Ashwell --
interior decorator known for combining English elegance with a relaxed
California vibe

Victoria Hagan --
respected interior designer known for creating chic and timeless home decor

John Derian --
decoupage artist celebrated for quirky vintage designs.
This limited-time-only collection will be available
September 7 through October 26, 2008.

Sean Conway --
renowned garden designer known for creating outdoor spaces that bring
great design to life one stylish patio at time

The Target Bullseye Bodegas will be open from 10 am until 10 pm in the following locations:

Midtown: 101 57th Street at 6th

Union Square: 813 Broadway between 11th and 12th

SoHo: 489 Broome Street between Wooster and West Broadway

East Village Bodega: 325 Bowery at 2nd

For a list of Interior Designers and Decorators in Manhattan,
Click Here:
Manhattan Decor

Visit Target's Bullseye Bodegas Page: Target Design

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