Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Special Report: Attorney General Cuomo Sets Up Website to Record Consumer Complaints Against New York Contractors


In response to the huge influx of unqualified contractors and the accompanying deluge of unsatisfied customers over the last few years, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has set up a website to field and record consumer complaints about New York's general contractors.

Against the backdrop of "housing instability" leaving many homeowners in the same houses and in need of repairs, Cuomo's office has launched NY Know Your Contractor, a region-by-region database of all licensed contractors in New York along with a record of complaints against them from consumers who were unhappy with the work performed.

The New York AG has received over 1550 complaints against home improvement contractors since the beginning of 2007.

Here at, our whole purpose in building New York's #1 Remodeling Directory from day one was to provide New Yorkers with a place to go to find highly rated New York contractors, designers, painters, plumbers, architects and so forth.

Having a government website where people can go to to an extra bit of homework sounds like it will be helpful, provided the government is fair to the professionals themselves. There are always bad apples out there, as well as the cream of the contractor crop, and we hope this helps the reputable general contracting companies in New York rise to the top.

There is also a link on the site for a contractor who believes the allegations made on the site are false or of an exaggerated nature to refute them, and we hope they get a fair opportunity to set the record straight in these situations.

For consumers who have been taken advantage of or have been the victims of shoddy construction in their homes, there are links to each region's Office of Consumer Affairs.

We remind all New Yorkers to do their homework on any home improvement company before hiring and to let your neighbors know not only when there are problems, but also to post favorable reviews on sites like when the work is done well and exceeds their expectations.

Visit for more details

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