Monday, September 15, 2008


Prepare Your Home for Fall: 3 Simple Tasks

Junior's Cheesecake of Brooklyn Gets Ready for Fall (Photo by X-Eyed Blonde)

If you're like me (or most dogs), you can smell it in the air when Autumn is coming. If not, you can certainly notice the earlier sunsets. There are tons of items we should be attending to in our homes to prepare for fall, and there won't be time for all of them, but here are three tasks that should definitely be high on the list.

1. Cleaning Gutters: You can get someone to do this is an afternoon, or simply get up on a ladder and rake the debris toward yourself with a garden hoe. Have an open trash can under you for the debris to fall into. The last and most crucial step would be to run your garden hose down the gutter and be sure there are no clogs in the downspouts, because if so, it won't matter how clean your gutters above are. For assistance, contact a New York Roofing Company.

2. Window Check: We all open and close the windows during the summer for one reason or another and what happens is that dirt and dust collect, preventing the closed window from forming as tight a seal as you'd want to prevent excess heat from escaping. This can drive up your utility bill more than you think. Be sure to thoroughly wipe down those areas where the summer's dust has collected, and while you're at it, take a look at the weather stripping around the windows, as this may be a great time to replace a worn down section. For assistance, contact a New York Window Company.

3. Winterize Pipes: Everyone talks about winterizing their pipes, but most people only realize the need for this when they get a call down in Florida that they have to come home because a pipe froze and then burst. Trust me, this is easily preventable. We recommend using a licensed plumber to insulate and check your hot water heater and pipes, especially if its been a few years. For assistance, contact a New York Plumbing Company.

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