Saturday, August 2, 2008


What's the Best Hedge Trimmer for the Money?

Don't Get Caught in a Hedge Maze, Get a Trimmer...

Happy August! Right about now, if you have a front lawn, backyard or any property with hedges or bushes, you're beginning to see the sloppiness as the summer sunshine and muggy weather conspire to send your flora into growth overdrive. For many suburban New Yorkers in places like Westchester and Long Island, there are no shortage of landscapers or gardeners to choose from.

That being said, for some, there is a certain satisfaction that comes from maintaining one's own garden and yard. If you fit into this category, below are three of the highest-rated hedge trimmers on the market at different levels of price and performance.

Craftsman 79957 Budget Electric Hedge Trimmer: Lot's of vibration but useful only with new growth, Dual Bladed, two-handed, guard against trigger failure and cord disconnection.
$58.99 at

Little Wonder 2420 Pro Level Electric Hedge Trimmer: Quiet, can handle older growth and branches up to half an inch, less vibration makes for a not-as-tiring experience, great safety features, almost 9 pounds which is heavier than most corded electric trimmers.
$249 at

Echo HC-160 Gas Hedge TrimmerCan cut branches up to three quarters of an inch in diameter, comes with anti-vibration handles to ease excess vibration and fatigue, equipped with double-reciprocating blades which make for clean cuts through thick shrubbery and branches without the usual problems of slowing down or jamming up, wear headphones if possible and keep in mind the HC-160 weighs over 12 pounds...not recommended as a Mother's Day Gift!
$389 at

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