Wednesday, August 20, 2008


NY Home Improvement Blog Patrol

Main Street in White Plains, Westchester Photo by Joe Mad

offers us a look back at the beginning, middle and end of a terrific Brooklyn backyard remodel including some before and after pictures that really highlight the dramatic difference that landscaping and gardening can make. The property in question is an 1890's frame house in Greenwood Heights. There's a play-by-play narration to go with the pic's as well.
Greenwood Heights Gardening Project

If you're looking to go the next level in terms of home heating and cooling comfort, you could do a lot worse than check out Trane's new ComfortLink II Residential Communicating System. Not only to all of your HVAC components "talk" to each other, but you have full access via telephone to see what's happening while you're not at home. This promotes not only complete comfort in terms of the temperature of your home, it also increases energy efficiency. Charles & Hudson has the scoop directly from the manufacturer.
Trane's Components Keep You Cool and Connected

Air Conditioning Companies in New York

Remodelista's latest gallery makes the case for open shelf kitchens with many examples of why some homeowners are opting for the airy shelving that gives you easy access as opposed to closed cabinets. The spread includes a shot of Ione Sky's L.A. kitchen...Ione was the bomb in "Say Anything", wonder what John Cusack's kitchen looks like!
Open Shelving in the Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet Companies in New York

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