Wednesday, August 13, 2008


NY Home Improvement Blog Patrol

Rockville Center, LI Photo by Joe Shlabotnik

The NY Post's Suzanne Zuckerman gave us a nice profile this week of Nina Freudenberger, a Long Island-raised interior designer who's worked on some very high profile projects, including the offices of Downtown Records (home of Gnarls Barkly) and the Atelier luxury high rise, where Lindsay Lohan enjoys taking photos with a knife to her friends' throats. Ms. Freudenberger discusses how her own style (a proclivity for pink) differs from the work she does for clients, which includes a "masculine bachelor modern" style. If she's out of your price range, you can also check out the profiles of other notable New York Interior Designers on
Interior Designer Story in the Post

There's a very cool online decorating tool on the Better Homes and Gardens website called Color-a-Room and Apartment Therapy took it for a test drive yesterday. This will allow you to visualize an entire color scheme for the selected room, including not only the trim and the walls, but the couches and throw pillows as well. Picking paint colors and combinations online has never been this easy.
AT on the BHG Color Tool

In the TV Decoder column of the New York Times, Brian Stelter covered the Rate My Space evolution from website to TV Show back in June. We're a little late on the mention, but both the site and the show are worth checking out. Essentially, visitors can upload their homes' interior photos and win prizes based on your votes. Just like American Idol, half the fun is in ogling some of the truly scary stuff people are showing off. Yes, Virginia, there is a "William Hung of Living Rooms."
Rate My Space Write-Up on NYT

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