Wednesday, August 6, 2008


NY Home Improvement Blog Patrol

Jamaica Avenue, Queens Photo by Tony the Misfit

Gotta love The Fix column from the New York Times, especially Jay Romano's recent story on how important home staging is when trying to sell a home in a tough market. A lot of good details, and some stuff that cityhammer covered in our New York Home Staging Guide last month. Here's a great quote:
“Decorating a home is personalizing it, staging a home is depersonalizing it.”
- Barb Schwarz, President of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals

Home Staging from NYT

New York Home Stagers

This is a tough one...if you write a design and decorating blog, how do you control yourself and avoid buying every cool thing you come across? Apartment Therapy tackles this subject with great advice for design junkies and shopaholics everywhere. The rules for staying disciplined include "one-in, one-out" and "wait a week". Good luck and may the magnetic strip on your credit card remain untarnished by excessive swiping!
Resisting the Urge to Buy Design Stuff

Finally, lest anyone forget, The Property Grunt still rules with an iron fist. He's got Part 2 up of his Queens or Scarsdale series, where he shows you pic's of a home that could be in either place and leaves it open for guesses. This week, it's a McMansion inexplicably built on a highway! Nice house, frightening location. Take a guess, we're thinking Jamaica Estates in Queens.
Grunt's Queens or Scarsdale Challenge

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Yes, it is always easy to rationalize design spending because "IT'S FOR THE HOUSE--NOT FOR ME!"
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