Monday, August 25, 2008


Kitchen Cabinets Guide for New Yorkers Now in the Tips Section

Kitchen by Michael Mariotti Interior Design of NYC and NJ

New appliances are great, but nothing screams "just redone" like a fresh set of kitchen cabinetry. Shopping for kitchen cabinets in New York can be daunting just based the sheer amount of options available. We have tons of custom cabinet makers in the New York area, but also plenty of stores with stock offerings in every conceivable style, wood species, finish and construction.

To make this task easier for homeowners in New York,'s staff writer Mitch Mayer has just posted the Kitchen Cabinet Cheat Sheet in the Tips section.

Here at cityhammer, we always recommend working with a pro, and when it comes to cabinetry, the measurements have to be perfect. Going out to the showrooms and home improvement stores with a rough idea of your dimensions is important, even if you just have a rudimentary idea of how much space your kitchen has, as this will help the sales people point you in the right direction.
For a list of Kitchen and Bath contractors in NYC, LI, Westchester, CT or NJ, click the link: NY Kitchen Remodelers

For a list of Custom Cabinet makers in NYC, LI, Westchester, CT or NJ, click the link: NY Built-ins and Carpenters

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yes that's great that you have shown some of the goods of the kitchen side.i think you need some info about the
kitchen cabinet side.
Utilization of cabinet space is never easy, actually it is the toughest. Kitchen cabinets in a new house take up a lot of space and pull down cabinets are the best by saving a lot of space without squeezing everything in one place. So it is always better to organize so there is enough space for everything. While I was redoing and organizing all my closets, I came across a website that helped me manage all of my stuff. They not only help in organizing your closets, but they help you by managing your custom kitchen pantry and storage spaces as well.
You can virtually design and decorate your home with Kitchen Cabinets online for changing the look of your kitchen as you want..
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