Friday, August 15, 2008


Hottest Trends in Interior Design...At Least According to the National Association of Realtors

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Wood Flooring

Here's the deal with the National Association of Realtors and their ability to prognosticate; we'll take their opinion on certain things, but the direction of housing prices and the real estate market, not so much. Of course, regardless of the carnage in housing, this is a group of real estate professionals, so we expect tons of positive spin. NASA would never issue completely factual reports on the cost/ benefit of our trillion-dollar space program nor would the guild of buggy whip manufacturers have predicted the demise of horse-drawn carriages during the rise of the automobile industry 100 years ago.

OK, now that that's off of our chests, the NAR has a cool website to go with Realtor Magazine and they've just put up a feature on the top 10 interior design trends they're seeing in homes across the country right now along with a slide show. On this particular subject, we think they're on the money.

Their picks are:

1. Let it Shine (Wire Mesh Fabric)
2. Bathrooms as Spa-Like Retreats (Custom Bathtubs, Waterproof Wireless Headsets)
3. Faux Wood Trim
4. Transform Garage Space (Floor Space for Kids)
5. Hot Hue Add Blue (Color of the Year Blue Iris)
6. Reclaim Wood (Wine Barrel Counter Tops and Flooring)
7. Food Faster Than Carry Out (High Speed Oven Wall Oven)
8. Green Seating With Style
9. Wallpaper Redux (Recycles Vinyl Wall Coverings)
10. Hybrid Heaters (Water Heaters)

Realtors are in houses and apartments all the time, from open houses in Manhattan high-rise luxury apartments to Westchester and New Jersey walk-throughs and they also know what renovations are helping homeowners sell. Pricing predictions aside, we'll take Realtor Magazine's word for it when it comes to design trends.

To see the whole feature, click here:
Top Ten Design Trends

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