Monday, August 4, 2008


Get Ready for the Nicky Haslam Onslaught

As the design world prepares to receive his U.S. book of memoirs, tentatively titled "Writing on the Wall" next year, Nicky Haslam gives us a peak at what to expect with an upcoming Vanity Fair interview in the September issue. The article is entitled "Truly, Madly Nicky," and it is lengthy, comical and honest.

Who is Nicky Haslam? He was born the son of a British diplomat and descendant of an Earl in 1939, but became a world-renowned interior decorator, journalist and socialite. His exploits range from arriving in New York in 1961 and subsequently partying with Andy Warhol and the gang at The Factory, to becoming a rancher in Arizona. In between there were affairs, parties, incredible interior design work and a huge body of articles which helped Haslam rise to prominence in the mid to late 70's. Haslam wrote for The Spectator, The Ritz, and Vogue Magazine on subjects as diverse as architecture, decor and gossip.

Nicky Haslam has written some other books, notably his 2007 memoir which was published outside the US and is only available as an import, called "Redeeming Features". Those interested in interior designers will want to get a copy of his 2002 book "Sheer Opulence: Modern Glamour for Today's Interiors".

So grab yourself a copy of September's Vanity Fair and keep a look out for the official memoirs next year. Nicky Haslam is one of the most prolific and interesting designers ever and has led an incredible life that's sure to make for good reading.

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'Redeeming Features' IS the upcoming book... they were supposed to be released last year, and there are various other titles and release dates floating around the net.

In all likelihood, and because he hasn't finished it yet, the book will be out with the 2009 Christmas list, or so I've heard.
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