Monday, August 18, 2008


Decorating a Dorm Room; Tips from Tom

The year was 1995, TLC's Waterfalls ruled the charts, the NY Yankees were at the beginning of their latest dynasty and a young man who would one day write the cityhammer blog was off to one of the few universities that were willing to give him a shot.

Admittedly, chasing girls, partying and affording text books were the priority back then and the decor in my dorm room showed it. There were posters (either Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs...I forget) and there was a nondescript pile of clothing, bottle caps and Doritos bags that made up the focal point of the room. The bed frames were standard-issue metal and the baby blue-painted cinder block walls only added to the prison cell-chic effect.

Looking back, it's all a blur, but that doesn't mean you have to go down that same tasteless road when you move in to your dorm room this fall. Obviously, there is little you can do to spruce up the common areas unless you want your fellow residents to think you're crazy, but your room can absolutely be your sanctuary.

AOL's got a great list of dorm decor tips up from Tom Kraeutler that are worth a look for anyone off to school or with a kid headed that way whom they wish to help.

Tom recommends solid color painted canvases or even stretched fabric over cork boards for wall coverings to add color. He also offers up an idea for wallpaper remnants and emphasizes the importance of getting the most out of your dorm room's space with furniture that can double as storage like beds with pullout drawers, ottomans that open, storage units that are built into the headboards or that go vertical.

Just because you're in a college dorm, doesn't mean you have to come back to a room filled with black-light posters and plastic Yaffa Block shelving. Although, there will be some nights that you get back to your room and the main concern will be how to stop it from spinning. Don't worry, we've all been there!

To read Tom Kraeutler's Dorm Decor Tips, Click Here: AOL Home Improvement

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There are a lot of fun and practical ways to decorate a dorm room. Socially-conscious students are interested in eco-friendly accents that are practical for storage. A great way to house school supplies and to reduce clutter in the small spaces of a dorm room is to use small bowls made from recycled materials. Fair trade accents allow students to decorate while giving back to other communities around the world.
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