Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Wood Flooring and Bathroom Design Ideas to Attract Buyers from Frontdoor.com

Urban Home Office by California Closets NYC

appears to have a real estate site in beta right now and its called Frontdoor.com. Most of the content appears to be geared toward consumers either looking to buy or sell a home. Obviously this isn't new ground, but the fact that HGTV is involved leads us to believe that there will be a definite slant toward interior design and home decor.

We'll keep you posted, but for starters, there's a very comprehensive piece on Frontdoor.com about design ideas that get the attention (positively) of prospective home buyers. They list 10 ideas below:

  1. A Nice Entryway
  2. Hardwood Floors
  3. Fab Fixtures
  4. Beautiful Baths
  5. Countertop Considerations
  6. Steel This Idea
  7. Pre-Organized Closets
  8. Light Up
  9. Built-In Bonus
  10. Grass Is Greener
  11. Bonus: Furnish That House!
Most of these concepts are well-known but there are some great photos on the site giving you an idea of the possibilities. In the meantime, here are some links to local professionals who can help you remodel if any of the above ideas catch your fancy:

New York Kitchen and Bath

New York Closet Organizer

New York Carpenters

New York Wood Flooring

To read the article, click here:
Frontdoor.com's Ten Things That Make Buyers Bite

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