Thursday, July 24, 2008


NY Home Improvement Blog Patrol

The Midnight Cowboy on Park Avenue

Yet another opulent unit in 740 Park Ave has come on the market, this one is listing for $38 million right out of the gates. As usual, Curbed has the scoop and some pics. This one is owned by I-Banker Peter Huang, and its history fits right in with the legendary 1929 co-op's other storied apartments. Its a duplex, note the curved staircase, they don't make 'em like this anymore.
$38 Million Duplex on Park Ave

Maxwell's got a post up on hanging artwork in your house or apartment without "screwing it up." Not many people have been properly taught to do this, and of all the items you'd need a handyman for, hanging a framed photo or piece of art shouldn't be one of them. According to Apartment Therapy, the standard height is 57 inches "On Center", meaning the middle of the piece is at 57 inches height, the hook will be higher. They get this measurement as it is the average human eye-level.
Hanging Art According to AT

For a quick laugh, go check out what Super-Broker Noah Rosenblatt of UrbanDigs is calling the real estate economy these days. It seems they've given this particular recession a pet name, so as to distinguish it from other economic slowdowns of a different character. LOL, guys.
I Survived the ... of 2008

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