Thursday, June 19, 2008


NY Home Improvement Blog Patrol

Photo by neotint

Its official: Ikea has landed in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The Observer's The Real Estate has the story. The emergence of the big box retailer as a Brooklyn fixture has and will be a controversial topic for a long time to come. Unless you are the landlord they are paying the lease to. Or you absolutely love putting together furniture with instructions in Scandinavian. The naysayers will snipe, but we predict the store will be packed.
Ikea Opens in Brooklyn / New York furniture assemblers

As the temperature climbs along with our Con Ed bills, it may be good idea to think about the little things that add up to excess power consumption during the peak summer A/C season. Charles & Hudson reminds us to check and possibly replace our refrigerator's gasket, as cold air leaking out is a big waste. If your fridge isn't sealing correctly, you'll pay for it in electricity bills and food that expires before its time.
Gasket Replacement / Appliance repairman in New York

Cleaning out his camera's memory, Mitchell Hall of NYC Blog Estate came across a bunch of great shots of the Upper West Side. The photos are a good reminder of why we love New York.
Upper West Side Pictures

[where: 12571]

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