Sunday, June 1, 2008


NY Home Improvement Blog Patrol

Verrazano Bridge Photo by Matt Borowick

Our new buddies over at The Home Crowd, a great new home improvement blog out of California, have great pictures up of a granite countertop with an illuminated blue river running through it. Classier than it sounds, the pic's are fantastic. Using fiber optic lighting, the Serafini's of St. Louis have created a "model" of the Mississippi River with crushed glass from blue bottles and resin...just go see the photos already, too hard to explain!
A River Runs Thru It

We spend most of our time discusssing the building or making of things here at the cityhammer blog, but sometimes, you just want/ need to tear something apart. Charles & Hudson put up a list of the best wrecking and destroying implements on the market. Here, they rhapsodize about the Fubar Utility Bar from Stanley:
Our top demo tool is the Stanley FUBAR (Functional Utility Bar). It's a 4-1 tool for prying, splitting, board bending, and striking. It's manufactured from 1-piece forged steel and Stanley offers a limited lifetime warranty. The FUBAR also comes in a mini-version that may be more comfortable for some and is better for working in tighter spaces.
Top 5 Demolition Tools

On a sadder note, the entire city of New York, especially the construction community, is both horrified and shocked at the news that a second crane collapsed on the upper east side this past Friday. We're following the story on the City Room blog section of the New York Times.
NY Times Crane Coverage

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Nice site you have. Maybe we could work together sometime. On a side note, I used to work as an engineer for the company that designed that bridge!
My favorite wrecking tools are a wrecking bar and a reciprocating saw. Using a sawzall reciprocating saw is like wielding an angry swordfish!
My favorite wrecking tools are a wrecking bar and a reciprocating sawzall. Using a reciprocating saw is similar to wielding an angry swordfish!
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