Monday, June 30, 2008


Dep't of Consumer Affairs Cleans House: Massive Unlicensed New York General Contractor Sweep

Late last week, the DCA (Department of Consumer Affairs) announced the conclusion of a major investigation and clean-up operation of unlicensed home improvement professionals in New York City. Working closely with authorities in both Nassau and Suffolk County, the DCA conducted both routine inspections and undercover investigations resulting in a crackdown of monumental proportions. Over 700 violations were issued and more than 130 vehicles were seized.

Based on statistics provided by the DCA, there are currently over 10,800 licensed home improvement professionals in New York, which is a staggering 70% higher than the total five years ago.

Here at, we're very impressed with the decisive action taken by the regulators. The primary reason for's very existence is to help consumers in the New York area find quality home improvement companies. With almost 11,000 licensed contracting firms in New York to choose from, it is amazing that the unlicensed guys were still able to conduct business, but it appears the DCA has had enough. They've received over 900 consumer complaints in the last year.

Always keep in mind that no matter how low a job is priced or how friendly a voice over the phone is when giving you an estimate, hiring a licensed and insured general contractor is the priority. Because this is the case, we strongly suggest checking references, asking for licensing information and reading reviews before entrusting your home to anyone.

For a list of contractors in the New York area, including licensing and liability information, reviews and references, click here: New York General Contractors

Visit the NY Department of Consumer Affairs

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