Thursday, June 26, 2008


De-Cluttering and Closet Organization

The Last Time Living in a Junkyard was Funny was in the 1970's

Could you get rid of all the extra junk in your home and stick with 100 things that you truly need/ want? That's the challenge that blogger Dave Bruno has set out for himself and according to Red Eye (Chicago Tribune), its inspired people around the nation to de-clutter their lives and whittle down their belongings.

Even the pro's are taking notice and weighing in on Dave's quest. Below is a quote from Nadia Geller, an interior decorator and host of TLC's "Date My House":

"Times are tough right now, and people feel like they need to downsize and live a little simpler...We are now realizing that it no longer makes us feel better when we buy something new, especially if we can't afford it. Gas is higher, food is more expensive and it's not really a great time for over-consuming and having too many things."
Here at, we're big fans of de-cluttering and organization, especially when it comes to cabinets and closets, but sometimes you just have too much stuff to organize, no matter how many shelves you install. If that's your sitch, then let Bruno's challenge inspire you to pare down your probably won't miss most of what you get rid of anyway!

Professional Closet Organizers in New York

Read the article on Red Eye: Living With Less

Visit Dave Bruno's Blog and Follow His Progress:

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