Monday, May 19, 2008


Wood Flooring Pick: A Touch of the Rainforest in New York

Triangulo Flooring in Macchiato Pecan

Triangulo, a line of engineered wood flooring from BR 111, is an excellent choice for New Yorkers looking for something exotic and interesting, yet durable enough to withstand the traffic of their every day lives. There are 9 colors available and some of the key characteristics of the line are a "Thick sawn" hardwood wear layer, a "crystal clear" surface finished so that the true color of the wood comes through and a "tough" aluminum oxide wear surface (this will add years to the floor).

Our top pick in this line is the Macchiato Pecan (pictured above):

Tan to blonde colors mix with dark browns creating a dramatic character unique to this species. The rich mosaic is further enhanced with distinctive graining.

While this particular variety will not be affected by sunlight exposure, BR 111 does warn that the Amedoim, Brazilian Cherry, Tigerwood and Oscuro Tigerwood varieties are indeed photosensitive, so they will darken with exposure to light. This may not necessarily be a bad thing, as the new tone may add a little bit of character.

Engineered wood is real wood, and in fact, the Triangulo line is renowned for its environmental and sustainable harvesting techniques. It comes from a 200,000 acre forest in Brazil which is monitored by a 3rd party auditor to ensure best practices. These include marking only the trees that are suitable to be felled with GPS tags and working in a manner so as not to disturb local water and wildlife.

Find a Wood Flooring installer in New York to talk about the Triangulo line for your home.

Visit the Triangulo page at BR 111 to learn more about the products.

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ny is definitely lined with remnants of rainforests. I have hardwoods in my condo and they've been beautifully maintained with this cleanerthat I picked up at the home depot
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