Tuesday, May 27, 2008


NY Home Improvement Blog Patrol: Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Happy 125th Birthday, Brooklyn Bridge!

Welcome back to the real world on a rainy Tuesday morning in New York...Here are some of the posts/ articles you may not have had a chance to catch over the last few days...

Gothamist has a great online spread from the Brooklyn Bridge's 125th birthday from last week. The fireworks display was no joke as you'll see from the photos.
Happy 125th, Brooklyn Bridge!

If you worked the grill over the weekend the way we did, you'll probably be looking for some tips on giving it a thorough cleaning. Whether in the backyard or in the bathtub, Apartment Therapy Los Angeles has a pretty all-encompassing guide, they get to barbecue all year long out there, after all.
Cleaning the Grill

Whether perpetuating the rumors or inventing new ones, it seems like every blog in New York has weighed in on the fact that the Real World is headed to Brooklyn. MTV's 21st iteration of the reality show has announced that they are currently scouting locales for their next seven "housemates" to bicker, binge-drink and possibly contract social diseases in. Curbed illuminates the latest rumor of a possible location on Third Place in Carroll Gardens. Brooklynians, set phasers on "stun".
Brooklyn Real World Rumor of the Week

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