Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Modular Carpet Tiles, from the Horse's Mouth

Jig's Up by FLOR

What did the rug say to the floor?
Don't move, I've Gotcha Covered
Okay, that was awful, sorry...Greg Colando, the President of FLOR, has probably heard that one a million times. FLOR is the modular carpet tiles division of Interface, one of the largest carpeting companies in the world.

Greg has a great post up on where the idea and concept for FLOR started on his relatively new blog, The Florum.

Even though we're suckers for brand new wood flooring here at cityhammer, sometimes a room calls out for a floor covering. A baby's nursery should have at least a soft rug to roll around on, for example. Its also nice to step out of bed in the morning onto something other than wood, if only to avoid feeling like you've woken up back in your bunk at summer camp.

What makes carpet tiles cool is that you can design your own "rug" based on the dimensions and shape of your room. You can take modular carpet tiles to the wall or just cover an area. They stick down on almost any floor surface with adhesive, yet each individual tile is replaceable if they get damaged or stained, unlike regular carpeting, which would pretty much involve tearing up the whole thing.

Greg explains where the inspiration came from:

"In 2002, a few of us at Interface were thinking about diversification of our business. Interface is the leading global producer of commercial modular carpet tiles focused primarily on the office market.

In my position as President, I was on the lookout for industry and lifestyle trends that would impact our business and possibly affect our future strategy.

The big design trends at the time were:

  • Design show makeovers
  • Young people moving back into the city
  • The Starbucks lifestyle
  • Shopping on the internet
  • Wood and hard surfaces were in

There was a whole new generation of consumers with indvidual attitudes. In the floor covering world, wood and hard surfaces were in and it seemed that carpet just wasn't very cool.

As I observed these trends, I couldn't help but wonder if they were pointing to an untapped opportunity in the carpet world. Did old-fashioned residential carpet really fit these changing lifestyles? My conclusion was that there was definitely room for a new idea."

To read more, visit the Florum

for some additional inspiration for your own home, visit the FLOR site

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