Thursday, May 29, 2008


Janovic Starts a Blog

Photo by Scott Keddy

Back in 1888, when Emil Janovic began delivering paint in his horse-drawn carriage, he probably couldn't have imagined that one day, his eponymous company would grow to include 20 stores around Manhattan and LI, and a 55 thousand square foot warehouse.

He also wouldn't have been able to foresee the marketing potential of blogging, but lucky for us, the folks running Janovic get it and they added a blog to their site in April. Its only a few posts deep but the contributing bloggers they've lined up are Editor Pamela Bloom, Senior Color Consultant Paul Mutimear, and Dr. Toby Israel Ph.D. who is the founder of a new field called Design Psychology.

Sounds to us like there'll be a ton of interesting stuff coming from this team that we'll be sure to share. Unlike most local businesses that are owned by big, national corporations, Janovic's ownership by Berkshire Hathaway and Benjamin Moore hasn't diminished their knack for staying ahead of paint and window dressing trends here in New York and their website and articles are far from being generic, homogenized filler. The content is fresh, inspirational and often features the work and ideas of local designers working here in New York City. Let's hope they keep that up with the Janovic Design Notes Blog.

Good Luck, Guys!
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