Monday, May 12, 2008


Clos-ette's Blog: Organization and Sophistication

Clos-ette's New Book, "Shop Your Closet"

When first launched in March of 2007, we had a category for New York Closet Organizers that was empty...and then Clos-ette came along and became our first member for that section. We thought we'd return the favor by turning you on to the fantastic blog they started at

Recent posts include a story about "Who Build's Hotel Like Homes" with a description of HBA/ Hirsch Bedner Associates, and a spotlight on a talented, up-and-coming designer named Sara Gilbane.

Clos-ette began as the brain child of Melanie Charlton Fascitelli and can give you the luxury closets and "holistic organizational design" you're looking for. The process includes a consultation and a "Closet Edit" which works like this:
Here we examine your closet, inventory your wardrobe and accessories, and then begin working through what stays and goes to help you revamp your style. Taking away the clutter and leaving only relevant pieces is not only therapeutic, but is a necessity for any closet and wardrobe makeover. Merchandising the clothes, similar to a store or showroom, is the the best way to achieve a complete wardrobe clarification. Categorizing clothes by color, or into separates, evening, day, accessories and so on is also a great way for you to really start to "see" the contents of your wardrobe.

To contact Clos-ette for a complete closet and organizational makeover:

Visit the Clos-ette Profile


Visit the official Clos-ette Website

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